Welcome to Future Forward: How our brands are anticipating the great reopening

Welcome to Future Forward: How our brands are anticipating the great reopening

On June 23, 2021, SJC Media editors hosted a virtual event to share the exciting things in store for Toronto Life, Maclean’s and Canadian Business. Discover 12 ways your brand can get involved as we get set for a post-Covid boom.

On June 23, 2021, SJC Media editors hosted a virtual event to share the exciting things in store for Toronto Life, Maclean’s and Canadian Business. Discover 12 ways your brand can get involved as we get set for a post-Covid boom.

June 29, 2021
Toronto Life Future Forward

As Canada’s leading publisher, SJC Media is anticipating the new challenges and opportunities brought on by the country’s reopening. With almost 8 million readers amounting to a third of the Canadian population, editors unveiled what’s new for our brands, and shared frontline insight from the innovators and newsmakers ready to take Canadians into our reimagined future.

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Toronto Life, the National Magazine Awards’ 2021 Magazine of the Year, is deeply connected to the city and its audience of devoted readers. 

“The pandemic has been one of the most galvanizing, meaningful periods in the magazine’s history,” says Sarah Fulford, Editor-in-Chief of Toronto Life.

Toronto Life has helped rebound the city, receiving two million unique visitors per month in 2021 and the most Instagram followers of any Canadian magazine. Its This City newsletter has been an effective way to stay connected with readers as it is published three times a week, engages 30,000 plus subscribers and boasts a 35 per cent average open rate.

What’s next for Toronto Life?

As a part of the reopening Toronto Life will be covering:

  • The Roaring 2020s: Toronto GDP growth for next year is forecasted at 6.2%.
  • The City’s Resiliency: Fewer than 5% of businesses have gone under.
  • Back to Packed: Resurgence of restaurant culture.
  • Open for fun: Amusement parks, concerts, and live event venues.


Four ways to get involved; Partner with Toronto Life

  1. Special issues: Toronto’s 100 Best Food Shops, Most Influential List and the return of Best Restaurants in 2022.
  2. Return of live events: TL Insider POP, Most Influential and Best Dressed to name a few. Brands can be part of the experience through sampling, sponsoring and more.
  3. Direct-to-Consumer: Your products can be part of curated food and drink packages that go to our readers and members, paired with an interactive element such as a cooking class.
  4. Signature Stories: Real Estate, Medical Care and more are themes of upcoming issues. Book a print ad to run in one of these must-read issues.


“Throughout the last century, Maclean’s has covered two world wars, the fight for women’s quality, universal healthcare, a pandemic and much more… We have pivoting in our DNA,” says Alison Uncles, Editor-in-Chief of Maclean’s.

While trust in our leaders has gone down, concern about fake news addressing poverty, healthcare, job losses and climate change has gone up according to Edelman’s Trust Barometer. But what hasn’t changed is trust in Maclean’s, as indicated by the soaring increase in visitors to macleans.ca at the start of the pandemic.


What’s next for Maclean’s?

Coming in the September issue: a brand new redesign including higher quality paper, better binding and increased pages with a more elegant, vibrant and modern look. Maclean’s will cover the zeitgeist, the latest trends and a touch of celebrity, all in addition to the in-depth articles on people and politics Canadians count on.

Four ways to get involved; Partner with Maclean’s

  1. Education: Maclean’s is the most credible source on education, publishing three special issues per year plus a digital hub. There is an opportunity for custom content for schools including University rankings, profiles and sponsor content opportunities.
  2. Insider Ottawa Events: Must-attend events like “Welcome to the Hill” and “Parliamentarians of the year” with exciting brand integration opportunities.
  3. Long-term care rankings: A national “best-of” list powered by the international data company Statista that will include opportunities  for sponsors.
  4. The Year Ahead: The best-selling, agenda-setting content series launching in January 2022. (Show your brand as a leader and be a part of this issue!)


With a long history dating back to 1927, Canadian Business (CB) has evolved with the business landscape over the decades. Now there is another growth spurt for the magazine with a new print magazine and website coming fall 2021. The new CB will focus on the shift in business; more entrepreneurial, diverse and younger. CB is making business journalism more accessible and inspiring by having a beautifully designed magazine with new content features, real-word advice and features from companies and individuals. The brand will celebrate the most progressive leaders and provide resources and inspiration to readers to keep challenging the status quo.

Four ways to get involved; Partner with the new Canadian Business

  1. Leader and Entrepreneur in Residence: A network of the best and brightest executives and thinkers in Canada focusing on the evolution of corporate leadership and aspirational storytelling. Geraldine Huse, president of P&G joined as CB’s first Leader-in Residence and there are exciting additions to come including Arlene Dickensen.
  2. The New Innovator Summit: A one-of-a-kind event to honour the first annual list of new-economy starts with month-long  experiences including in-person and virtual events, keynotes, masterclasses, social clubs and an awards portfolio.
  3. CB Talent Board: A curated, coveted job board serving the innovation economy.
  4. CB Insider: A meeting place and premium membership for entrepreneurs with vision and ambition. The Corporate Membership program includes discounted tickets to CB events, a dedicated slack channel, 50% off CB ads and more. Initial partners include Telus, P&G, UHN, RBC and Porsche.

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“Your partnership is at the heart of what we do.”

Lynn Chambers, SVP Revenue at SJC Media couldn’t have said it any better. We are so excited for the transformations of our most celebrated brands and for the many exciting ways we will all take part in the great reopening.

For more information on any of these opportunities, contact Terry Smith, Director of Customer Success for SJC Media. You can also access our 2021 media hits here.

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