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Growing Partnerships: SJC, Clients and Trees for Life Plant a Greener Future

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This Earth Day, SJC reaffirms its commitment to sustainability through our unique Partners in Growth® program and ongoing collaboration with Trees for Life.

We want to thank our clients for their commitment to sustainability. Through our Partners in Growth® program, for every ton of paper used for both client projects and our own SJC Media brands including Maclean’s and Chatelaine, we contribute to the planting of a tree by Trees for Life. This national charity is dedicated to creating a happier, healthier Canada by planting native trees and shrubs where we live, work, and play. Trees for Life is a trusted partner in the Federal Government's 2 Billion Trees program.

In 2023, SJC contributed to 13,000 trees planted through Trees for Life. Here’s a look at some of the planting projects:

Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority: Partnering with Pineneedle Farms and St. Williams Nursery and Ecology Centre, thousands of trees were planted on land previously used for agricultural purposes. This project restores the area to its natural, healthy forest state.

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Garden, Little Forests Kingston: In partnership with Little Forests Kingston, 125 trees were planted at the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Garden. Using the increasingly popular Miyawaki style to create a tiny forest, this site, repatriated from the Faith United Church to the Indigenous Community, will be stewarded under the umbrella of the newly formed All My Relations Land Trust.

Project Forest, Saskatchewan: Trees for Life expanded its footprint to western Canada in 2023. In partnership with Nutrien, one of Canada’s premier fertilizer producers, and Project Forest, they reclaimed industrial lands used previously for mining through afforestation. Over 26,000 trees were added to otherwise barren land, helping to absorb stormwater, filter the air, and reduce pollution. 

Trees for Heroes: SJC funds also helped to build and enhance several public green spaces while honouring local health heroes at the same time. To date, over 22,000 trees have been planted in tribute to Canadian healthcare workers, and that number will rise in 2024. Examples include Tawa Park in Edmonton and Bruce's Mill Conservation Area.

SJC is honoured to partner with Trees for Life. Their expertise and dedication help us live out our sustainability commitment. What sets them apart is their commitment to planting the right trees in the right places, including a strong focus on urban areas where trees can provide significant environmental benefits. They also extend that dedication to long-term care, ensuring each sapling thrives and flourishes for decades.

Check out Trees for Life’s 2024 Impact Report - specifically page 11 where you will see samples of the ad support we provide in our SJC Media brands to further grow awareness.

To find out how SJC can help you boost the sustainability of your next marketing project – and plant trees in the process – let’s connect. Together, we can make a tangible difference to better our planet.

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