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SJC Reads: Asian Heritage Month 2024 & Beyond

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In recognition of Asian Heritage Month, we are pleased to offer a curated collection of books from Quill and Quire (the go-to resource for the Canadian book trade) and articles across our media brands that illuminate the vibrant cultures, histories and ongoing impact of Asian communities in Canada. Through these insightful pieces, explore the diverse experiences that contribute to the richness of Canada's cultural landscape.

Adult Books:

Behind You
by Catherine Hernandez

Behind You centers on Alma, a fortysomething film editor working on a true-crime series. When the latest episode turns out to be about the infamous Scarborough Stalker (a thinly fictionalized version of real-life rapist and murderer Paul Bernardo), Alma finds herself triggered by the footage and images she’s exposed to, revealing deep trauma from her early teen years when the Stalker terrorized her neighbourhood.” Click here for the full overview

The Last to Party
By Chuqiao Yang

“A group of richly textured, deeply felt lyrics, the book marks the culmination of some three decades of reading and writing and thinking about the potential for language to contain and convey meaning.” Click here for the full overview

The Lantern and the Night Moths: Five Modern and Contemporary Chinese Poets
Selected and Translated by Yilin Wang

“At just over 100 pages, this slim anthology offers up a fair bit of variety. Two of the five authors (Zhang Qiaohui and Xiao Xi) are still alive and publishing today; one (Qiu Jin) was active in the late 1800s, and the two others (Fei Ming and Dai Wangshu) in the early- to mid-20th century.” Click here for the full overview

Reuniting with Strangers
by Jennilee Austria-Bonifacio

Told in linked chapters that take the form of stories, emails, and even a caregiver’s manual, Austria-Bonifacio invites the reader into the fractured and chaotic worlds of Filipino-Canadian families attempting to reassemble after years apart. It is a poignant exploration of cultural loss. Click here for the full overview.

Brown Boy by Omer Aziz

“In his memoir Brown Boy, journalist, lawyer, and recent Radcliffe Fellow Omer Aziz delivers a compelling account about growing up in Canada, struggling to find his way in life as the son of Pakistani immigrants, and pursuing career success in a post-9/11 world rife with racism and Islamophobia.” Click here for the full overview

Books for Young Readers

The Longest Shot: How Larry Kwong Changed the Face of Hockey
by Chad Soon and George Chiang, illustrated by Amy Qi

The Longest Shot tells the story of Larry Kwong, who grew up in Chinatown in Vernon, B.C., during the 1920s and 30s, and became the first Asian player in the NHL in 1948. Click here to read the full overview

Crash Landing
by Li Charmaine Anne

In Li Charmaine Anne’s debut, is a searing ode to queer identity, growing up in an immigrant community, and carving a place for yourself in the world with the help of your friends. Click here to read the full overview

Dragon's Dilemma
by Catherine Little, illustrated by Sae Kimura

Dragon’s Dilemma, a companion to Catherine Little’s 2022 picture book debut Twelve in a Race, brings readers the zodiac story from Dragon’s perspective. Click here to read the full overview

by Christine D.U. Chung and Salwa Majoka

A young space traveler happens upon Earth in the future in this gorgeous wordless adventure for fans of Shaun Tan. A transportive graphic novel for ages 6 to 9. Click here for the full overview

SJC Media Articles

“I started growing hard-to-find Chinese vegetables in 1950s Toronto and helped shape Chinatown into what it is today”
Toronto Life

When Wing Fung Chong came to Toronto from China as a young man, Chinese produce was scarce. So he saved up, bought a farm and started importing and cultivating fruits and vegetables to supply the city’s growing Chinese population. Click here to read the full article

Hair Oiling Is More Than A Trend—It Connects Me To My South Asian Roots

“It felt strangely awkward to learn how to oil my hair, like returning to a version of myself I had abandoned.” Click here to read the full article

9 Asian Designers You Should Definitely Know About

Expanding our knowledge and appreciation of designers — Asian, and beyond — is crucial for a more inclusive and representative fashion landscape. Click here to read the full article

Kathy Tran-Riese Is Bridging a Gap in the Eyewear Market 
Canadian Business

Winnipeg-based entrepreneur Kathy Tran-Riese founded KayTran Eyewear in 2012, not long after finishing her MBA. The company was a passion project: Tran-Riese, who has a low nose bridge, had never been able to find eyewear that fit properly. Click here to read the full article

As a kid, I was the main translator for my immigrant parents. It wasn’t easy.

“You can’t just Google Translate Mandarin to English—there are cultural nuances that make it difficult to switch directly back and forth between the two.” Click here to read the full article

A look inside the new Chinese Canadian Museum in Vancouver’s Chinatown

The museum’s opening date, July 1, 2023 marked the 100th anniversary of 1923’s Chinese Immigration Act, an exclusionary policy that effectively halted all Chinese immigration to Canada until its repeal in 1947. Click here to read the full article

This Iranian-Canadian food stylist is raising awareness with these stunning dishes

Each plate represents a different Iranian province in this journey through a culinary landscape. Click here to read the full article

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