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5 Trends Shaping Event Marketing in 2024

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Just like a well-crafted story leaves a lasting impression, an event designed with purpose can etch your brand into the minds of your audience. Event marketing offers one of the most exciting ways to create authentic connections in 2024. Think stunning settings, enthusiastic guests, curated food & drink, hands-on experiences, inspiring speakers and enticing takeaways—all carefully tailored to your unique brand.

What is the secret to creating memorable brand experiences through event marketing? We asked Chantal Roy, SJC’s passionate director of brand experiences, for her insights on the trends shaping events this year. Chantal has planned dozens of events on behalf of our SJC Media brands (including Toronto Life Best Restaurants and FASHION Cake Party), as well as clients (Pinterest x Toronto Life, Clarins x FASHION and Staples x Canadian Business to name a few).

Chantal Roy, SJC’s director of brand experiences during Malfy Gin’s aperitivo-themed patio party at the the stylish VELA on Portland Street, co-hosted by FASHION and Toronto Life 

From wellness and sustainability to immersive experiences and personalization, here are five trends to inspire your brand strategy in 2024:

Trend 1: Event marketing prioritizes longevity and wellness

Events in 2024 will place a heightened emphasis on holistic well-being. Organizers will integrate wellness elements into their programs, promoting physical and mental health. Expect to see activities such as mindfulness sessions, fitness breaks and healthy catering options becoming standard components of events. 

The concept of longevity will extend beyond the event itself, with a focus on creating enduring positive impacts on attendees' overall well-being.

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TL Insider St. Patrick's Day Sunday roast
Trend 2: Sustainability as a core value in events

With environmental issues becoming more pressing, and consumers demanding sustainable action, event organizers have a responsibility to rethink how they approach events and pave the way for sustainable practices.

In 2024, sustainability will be more than just a buzzword; it will become a fundamental value embedded in event planning. Event organizers will increasingly adopt eco-friendly practices, from minimizing single-use plastics to sourcing local and sustainable materials. Attendees can anticipate events that prioritize environmental responsibility, featuring carbon-neutral initiatives, waste reduction and a commitment to leave a positive ecological footprint.

Trend 3: Immersive experiences redefined 

Immersive experiences will reach new heights in 2024, driven by advancements in technology. Virtual and augmented reality will play a significant role, allowing participants to engage with events in unprecedented ways. From managing events with virtual tours of event spaces to augmented reality-enhanced presentations, organizers will harness technology to create immersive and memorable experiences that extend beyond physical boundaries.

Want to see one of our experiential marketing campaigns in action? Check out our Pinterest x Toronto Life case study.

The Art & Science of Trendspotting event
Trend 4: Events leave long-lasting impressions

The focus will shift from fleeting moments to lasting impressions that resonate with attendees long after the event concludes. Event organizers will explore innovative ways to create emotional connections, whether through personalized experiences, thought-provoking content or interactive activities. When creating an event, prioritizing quality over quantity will ensure that each aspect is carefully curated to leave a profound and enduring impact on participants.

Trend 5: Events get personal 

Events will move towards greater customization, tailoring experiences to the individual preferences of attendees. From personalized agendas and content recommendations to curated networking opportunities, event marketing efforts will leverage data analytics and AI to create bespoke experiences that cater to the unique needs and interests of each participant.

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For sponsorship, partnership or advertising opportunities tied to SJC Media events, or to explore custom event collaborations, contact Chantal Roy, Director of Brand Experiences for SJC:

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