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Upskilling and driving digital ad innovation: Meet Faraz Tabrizian

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Faraz Tabrizian is the 2024 Chairman's Award recipient for Assembly, SJC's digital publishing tech division.

When Faraz Tabrizian joined Assembly, he didn’t just just learn his role, he learned how to contribute to building a better digital ads ecosystem. As the ad operations campaign manager, his job is to manage all of the digital SJC deals with advertisers and ensure marketing campaigns run smoothly. Seeing the highly technical nature of digital ads, Faraz saw the opportunity to expand his contributions to the team, and enrolled in a JavaScript course. “For me, being able to look at a line of code and have a general idea of what it’s doing and what its functionality is, I thought was a gap in my knowledge” he recalls. He has since been able to apply these newly acquired skills to better understand projects and contribute to the development team.

Faraz was born and raised in Iran before moving to Vancouver with his parents in 2015 where he completed high school and attended university. While pursuing a marketing degree at the University of British Columbia, he interned with Assembly. Fast forward to December 2022, Faraz joined Assembly again, this time in a full-time position.

Like any other field that relates to technology, the world of digital advertising is constantly evolving. Faraz can attest to this. “It's quite a fast-paced world but I get a kick out of it,” he says. 

Faraz is also a devoted soccer fan. “I've always grown up playing sports and watching team sports,” he says. “So I've always been a part of a team in one capacity or another.” He says understanding what it means to be a team player has helped in his remote workplace—he is often described as supportive and collaborative by his colleagues. 

The Assembly team makes an active effort to meet up in Victoria for fun team-building events, thanks to the culture committee. The team has bonded over activities like ping pong and outdoor picnics. Because of the supportive culture Assembly has established, Faraz says he rarely feels alone. “Even though we're all working in the small corners of our apartments, you never really feel too alone in the ups and the downs because everyone is always there to share those moments and feelings with you.”

Faraz’s charity of choice is The Children’s Foundation as he believes in giving back to the youth, the future of this country. 

About the SJC Chairman's Award: Each year, we pay tribute to the legacy of our founder, Gaetano Gagliano, and the dedication of our associates by presenting the SJC Chairman's Award. This award recognizes four outstanding individuals who consistently bring our SJC values to life and positively impact their colleagues, customers and communities. Each recipient will be featured in an issue of Maclean's and has the opportunity to select their charity of choice to have a full-page ad in an SJC media brand. Meet our 2024 and 2023 recipients.

Profile written by Maclean's intern Amanda McGee, with thanks to her supervising editor, Claire Gagne.

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