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Planting Trees as a Green Tribute to Healthcare Heroes

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In the spirit of growth and sustainability, we are pleased to share our latest involvement with our tree-planting partner, Trees for Life. On November 3, 2023, SJC volunteers took part in a special community event to plant 350 trees and shrubs at Bruce's Mill Conservation Area in Stouffville, Ontario. This initiative was not only an act of environmental stewardship but also a heartfelt tribute to local healthcare professionals who have been unwavering heroes in our community.

Photo courtesy of Trees for Life

The trees planted during this special event are integral to the Trees for Health movement, an initiative led by Trees for Life with project planting partner the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). Trees for Health is a coalition of passionate organizations that are partnering with health facilities, municipalities and conservation authorities to sow the seeds of gratitude by planting trees dedicated to healthcare workers throughout Ontario.

At least once a year, SJC is honoured to participate in a tree planting event in support of our Trees for Life partnership, taking a tangible step towards a greener, healthier world for all. You can read about previous planting events here

Photo courtesy Trees for Life

About SJC & Trees for Life:

SJC is the founding partner of Trees for Life, continuing our decades-long commitment to replenish one of our world’s most precious natural resources. Through SJC's long-standing Partners in Growth® program, Trees for Life contributes to the planting of a tree on behalf of every ton of paper we print on behalf of our client print projects and SJC Media magazines. We also provide ad space across our media brands to promote the important work of Trees for Life and the benefits of trees for our health, communities and planet. 

Contact us to learn how you can contribute to tree-planting projects across Canada as an SJC Print "partner in growth.”

Learn more about Trees for Life’s Trees for Heroes program here.

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