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<i>Maclean’s</i> releases a landmark feature on climate change: “Canada in the Year 2060”

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Toronto Ontario (August 10, 2023) – In a bold move to raise awareness about the pressing issue of climate change, Maclean’s, named Best News & Business Magazine at the 2023 National Magazine Awards, releases today its September issue with a riveting cover feature titled “Canada in the Year 2060.”

Written by the Vancouver-based science journalist Anne Shibata Casselman, the unsettling piece looks at the immediate and ever-increasing impacts of climate change, from floods and fires to dying forests and retreating coasts to economic turmoil and threats to our infant and mental health. It’s based on six months of research into peer-reviewed studies and dozens of conversations with experts in climate science, political science, history, health and economics.

“Casselman’s  sobering look into the future isn’t easy to read,” says Sarah Fulford, Editor-in-Chief of Maclean’s. “But perhaps it will change how Canadians think about the challenge we face and inspire us to work harder to find a solution.”

Key Highlights of “Canada in the Year 2060:”

  1. Canada’s landscape will be irrevocably transformed: Heat will blanket the country, winter will melt away and hotter, harder to contain fires will burn indefinitely.
  2. The societal and economical impacts will be huge: Thousands of people will be displaced from their homes, climate change will spawn political extremism and extreme weather will cost Canada $100 million per year.
  3. Where do we go now? A look at success stories that can inspire us on what to do next.

The article is available here and the full issue can be accessed via subscription, newsstand or Apple News+.

Exclusive Interview Opportunities

To coincide with the release of the Maclean’s September issue, and to encourage a national conversation on climate change, Anne Shibata Casselman will be available for exclusive interviews with media outlets starting August 14.  Her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of climate science and environmental journalism make her a compelling voice to discuss the pressing challenges and potential solutions through a Canadian lens.

For media inquiries, interview requests, and more information about “Canada in the Year 2060,” please contact:

Marta Tsimicalis, Director of Communications, SJC

About Maclean’s

Canada’s best-known and most beloved national magazine, Maclean’s covers politics, culture, trends, ideas and personalities with a focus on blockbuster longform feature storytelling. Through its irresistible monthly print edition, eye-catching online stories,  social channels, and in its newsletter and live events, Maclean’s helps readers understand their country and their world. Maclean’s is published by SJC Media, Canada’s largest publisher of trusted brands with a reach touching more than 16.8 million Canadians. Visit

About Anne Shibata Casselman

With 15 years of experience as a journalist and science communicator,  Caselman’s writing has appeared in outlets including, Scientific American and Canadian Geographic, and has been shortlisted for multiple National Magazine Awards and Western Magazine Awards. Visit her website.

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