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Introducing our new SJC Website

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We're excited to share our new website that, beyond a sleek and modern design, communicates our SJC story of today. Here’s what you will find new and improved:

Let’s get technical

First up, it’s faster, more intuitive and more responsive, regardless of the device you are on. 

A new look

It's clean and modern with a black and white aesthetic, but brings in colour through our vibrant client photography and brand content.

Getting specific with our solutions 

From the homepage, you'll get an immediate snapshot of the ways our marketing and media solutions will help you drive awareness and action with your target audience. It’s tough to do in today’s media environment and we’ve got eight integrated ways to help. 

Spotlighting our brands

SJC publishes Canada's most beloved media brands. With award-winning content and a combined audience reach of 23 million, they offer great potential for our customers. You’ll find them up front now too, and can visit a dedicated page for each brand defined by Lifestyle, Current Affairs, Parenting, Business and Entertainment categories.  

What’s our purpose 

Through our solutions, brands and founding values, we aim to inform, inspire and empower people. New content pillars including Community and Sustainability share our commitments. 

Calling passionate job seekers 

We’re sharing more on what it means to have a career at SJC. 

We're excited for you to get to know us a little better. Welcome to our new website and we look forward to hearing from you!

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