The 2021 content marketing trends we learned from Global Voices’ kick-off webinar

The 2021 content marketing trends we learned from Global Voices’ kick-off webinar

The new collective of marketing leaders from across the globe includes SJC’s EVP of Customer Innovation, Jacqueline Loch. We rounded up the top predictions and insights shared at the first in a series of webinars held on January 14, 2021.

The new collective of marketing leaders from across the globe includes SJC’s EVP of Customer Innovation, Jacqueline Loch. We rounded up the top predictions and insights shared at the first in a series of webinars held on January 14, 2021.

January 27, 2021

More than ever, we are all connected. To understand 2021 content marketing trends, we benefit from a global perspective.

To share best practices, insights and inspiration from the world of content marketing, leaders from four international cities, including SJC’s own Jacqueline Loch, have formed a new collective. On January 14, 2021, Global Voices hosted a kick-off webinar with its four founding voices: Jacqueline Loch, EVP of Customer Innovation for SJC Content; Martin MacConnol, Executive Chairman at Wardour in London; Andy Seibert, Owner and Managing Partner of Imprint in New York and Munni Trivedi, Owner and Co-founder of Teammagenta in Mumbai.

With the events of 2020 touching every part of the globe, it’s fascinating to understand the common challenges and opportunities we share as content marketers. As communicators, it’s also critical to tune into regional and cultural difference.

So what might 2021 have in store? Good news: with new sources of hope on the horizon, we’re bound to see a positive shift in the mindset of consumers leading to exciting opportunities for content marketers.

We rounded up the top predictions and themes to have on your radar as you plan for these coming months.


Social purpose

In 2021, brands will be talking even more about social purpose, sharing how they’re playing their part as good citizens. With trust in institutions wavering, consumers are looking for evidence of authenticity and fairness. Brands came a long way in 2020 and many brands are getting it right, following up their words with meaningful actions in giving back.

The change in U.S. leadership will also spotlight key issues like climate change that will inspire brands to communicate how they are a part of the way forward.

Quality content

Yes, it’s back to the fundamentals. In 2020, much of the content we created was born out of necessity and emergency.  For 2021 we need to strategize how we’ll emerge from all those major crisis points and provide quality content that connects on a human level.

Arresting content

There is a lot of digital content vying for our attention. Brands need to focus on targeted multi-media experiences that will captivate its audiences. Video and animations are good sources of quick, visual and enticing content. 

Get ready for “vaccine-confidence”

Some parts of the globe are closer than others, but we are certainly approaching a time in which the Covid-19 vaccine will inspire a new level of enthusiasm, and even joy, to venture out. This in turn will create new and exciting opportunities for brands.

Real world meets digital world

Brands need to carefully consider the new customer journey that will be a hybrid of the physical world and digital experiences, with mobile constantly at our fingertips. What content will inform and engage our audience through it all?

For events like conferences, organizers will be driven to have people physically in attendance, but most people are used to the cheaper, more accessible virtual options. An equally engaging experience will need to be created for each.

Raised expectations around the digital experience

To survive, every business needed to turn digital in 2020. (In just eight weeks, we jumped ahead five years in consumer and business digital adoption.)  Many brands pivoted to provide amazing digital experiences on a service and transactional level. Now, brands have the opportunity to deepen that relationship with engaging, meaningful content.

Digital content you can touch

Human content that incorporates the senses is a big opportunity in 2021. How can consumers touch, swipe and interact with digital content to feel a part of the experience? Ikea’s interactive bedroom ad and the gamification of content are two such examples.

Content that converts to e-commerce

This need skyrocketed over the last year, with customers now expecting it as a part of their customer journey. At SJC, we’re creating a large volume of content assets for clients’ Amazon stores, from high-quality photography to fun and engaging videos. 

Does the world need another podcast (or webcast)?

If it’s targeted to your audience and, most importantly, it’s quality content, then go for it. Podcasts are a humanizing form of brand content if you have the resources to do it right.

Cultural fluency

Whatever your message is, cultural context is vital. You need to be relevant to the specific groups you are reaching, whether that is defined by age, gender, nationality or region.

Words matter

Every organization in 2021 is a digital one, but humanity and authenticity are just as important. How does a brand act human in a digital world? Tone is incredibly important. Your words need to relay empathy and a sincere human touch. Drop the industry jargon and just talk to people with more 1:1 language.

We can expect the change in U.S. leadership to have ripple effects in the way brands talk; adopting a tone of voice that’s softer and more human, supportive and caring.


It’s time to be excited. Embrace what you don’t know (or can’t know) at this point and plan for people to become more vaccine-confident – and more apt to get back out in the real world. The digital experience will continue to lead the way, but don’t forget the human, sensory angle for a truly memorable, personal experience.

Get ready for the next Global Voices webinar on March 25, 2020. Email us at if you would like to be added to the invitation list.


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