Spreading warmth and comfort this holiday season

Spreading warmth and comfort this holiday season

The story behind SJC’s #SpreadtheGlow 2021 holiday campaign.

The story behind SJC’s #SpreadtheGlow 2021 holiday campaign.

December 15, 2021
image of candle on sweater to represent SJC Glow holiday campaign


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To holidays glimmering with health, happiness and hope.

For our holiday campaign marking the end of another extraordinary year, we wanted to convey a hopeful festive feel while contributing to a community need. (Bonus: one that connects with our roots since this is also SJC’s 65th anniversary year.)

Enter New Circles Community Services, which became known to us through L’Oréal Paris Canada’s 2021 Women of Worth grant award program. As proud content partner, SJC Content produced the program’s multi-location videos for 10 honourees across Canada – including Cindy Blakely, founder of New Circles and recipient of the 2021 Women of Worth grant.

New Circles provides much needed clothing, employment skills training, and settlement support to individuals living on a low-income across Toronto. GLOW is its free clothing program, serving over 10,000 people a year through a retail shopping experience that preserves dignity for clients.

We couldn’t help but think of our own founder, Gaetano Gagliano, who immigrated to Toronto with his wife, four children (and another on the way) in 1954, and what an impact a charity like New Circles would have had on their early days in Canada.

SJC partnered with New Circles to help #SpreadtheGlow this season, making a donation to GLOW on behalf of every client and employee card we send out.

Special thanks to L’Oréal Paris Canada, which also donated beauty products for use by New Circles in creating gift bags for its community members.

photo of GLOW staff giving out L'Oreal products
Simon (GLOW Team Lead) and Fatuma (GLOW Manager) handing out the L’Oréal products. “We are thrilled to have these special beauty items to give to our GLOW clients!”


On behalf of SJC, we wish you and your family a holiday season that’s warm and bright, in every way possible.

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