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The wonders of virtual production: SJC and Pixomondo create movie-making magic for Genesis Motors

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Virtual production, the not-so-new gaming technology, has been around for years in filmmaking and television production. But with the sudden shift to remote working, virtual production opened up for the commercial world. A library of 3D assets help create new, immersive experiences for audiences. No need for airports, weather days or location permits – and the lighting is perfect, all day long.

"Storytelling will become more achievable and efficiencies will be realized as marketers and creatives leverage virtual production cost savings with the ease of live compositing, customized locations and quick on-set transitions." - Sylvie Lamont, SVP Creative, SJC Content

To showcase how it works, we take you behind the scenes of our shoot for Genesis Motors in collaboration with Pixomondo (PXO). Fun fact: PXO is an Oscar and Emmy-award winning virtual production company with a filmmaking and TV resume that includes the likes of Star Trek: Discovery, Hugo and Game of Thrones.

While the coming-soon spot for Genesis features a forest and lightening storm, thanks to the wonders of virtual production, it was shot entirely in studio during our winter's coldest, snowy period.

Take a look:

Instead of taking the car to the environment, we brought the environment to the vehicle, a much more sustainable option for brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition to creativity and versatility for commercial shoots, virtual production offers many benefits for brands:

  • Participate and have full control from start to finish
  • Save travel/location costs and time
  • Change and adapt your environment quickly
  • Explore and pre-visualize your set
  • Plan an efficient schedule with a clear post timeline
  • Eliminate "bad weather" delays
  • Take advantage of real-world lighting
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Follow health & safety protocols with ease
  • Re-purpose virtual environments

Props and lighting blend the real with the virtual world, opening up exciting opportunities for brands.

Curious about the wonders of virtual production for your brand? Reach out to us!
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