Reach and engage with Canada’s most sought-after consumers through our portfolio of multi-channel media brands.

Reach and engage with Canada’s most sought-after consumers.

What We Offer

We connect to our influential and discerning audiences through authentic, entertaining and empowering journalism and storytelling. Our trusted brands serve communities of loyal fans from coast to coast, allowing our advertising partners to reach and engage with Canada’s most sought-after consumers. We'll tailor your campaign to one (or all) of our robust media channels.

  • Print: Deliver content into the hands of devoted readers through our award-winning magazine brands.
  • Digital: We offer a variety of premium advertising placements across our brand sites. Our ad units are strategically positioned to maximize visibility and engagement for advertisers.
  • Email: Our eblast list comprises subscribers who have opted to receive communications from our brand partners. Engage a targeted audience with an e-blast designed specifically for your event, promotion or product sampling offer. You can also target your message to a highly loyal and receptive audience with an ad unit in one of our many brand newsletters that boast outstanding open rates.
  • Social: Leverage our brands’ influence and communities of loyal fans as part of your social strategy. We know how to engage our followers on every platform that matters through compelling, trusted content.


print and digital footprint in Canada.

Partner With Our Brands

Our trusted, award-winning brands serve communities of loyal fans, which can be leveraged by our advertising partners across print (magazines and special issue publications), digital (display ads, homepage takeovers), email (dedicated eblasts, newsletters) and social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok).


Choose Canadian Seafood

Branded & Custom Content

Our multi-faceted campaign for Canadian Seafood campaign targeted millennials with children by leveraging <i>Today's Parent</i> and <i>Châtelaine</i>, resulting in impressive engagement and exposure.

Couture Cocktails: Grey Goose Vodka x <i>FASHION</i> Blend Runway Style with Mixology

Branded & Custom Content
Experiential Marketing

A special fashion week collaboration