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We asked our creative SJC staff to help bring some of the words to life. Browse below and read about the inspiration and creative process behind each submission by the artists themselves. We asked our clients, staff and magazine readers to vote for the artwork most meaningful to them. Stay tuned for the top-voted entry of over 300 votes!


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Thanks to all of our clients, staff and magazine readers for your thoughtful submissions in response to our question: what is print to you? We’ve rounded them all up below in alphabetical order. Click on the word to read the personal meaning(s) behind each.

"I choose to believe what is printed to be the truth of the author."
- Josie, Toronto Life reader

"When I was a teenager PRINT to me was a way to learn English and to dream about other places in the world. I used to love to engage in stories from my idols and the latest fashion trends around the world and making me dream of traveling one day. I have always loved print and I still do. Best way to keep me updated with global culture, finance, real estate, decor, travel, beauty and fashion."
- Suzie, SJC Associate

"To me, print is beloved. Reading print is like spending time with a dear friend. Reading print is an occasion, a special treat. It's me-time, a tactile spa moment when the world goes away and it's just me and the book or the magazine. It's a private world, free from intrusions, glaring monitors or pinging alerts. There are no waving emoticons to distract you, no pop-up ads to interrupt you. It's a place where it's just you and the words and the only sound is that of a page turning. It is beloved to me because it is uniquely mine."
- Lisa, SJC Associate

"Reading anything is bliss - a true form to drift into escapism!"
- Lucy, FASHION reader

"Print never loses power or overheats! "
- Eileen, Maclean's reader

"Print has always had a unique charm. From an inflight magazine that lures you to buy a perfume, to an LCBO magazine that gives you a good summer cocktail recipe or a picturesque travel escape to Vancouver; so many ads that have such a captivating presence only through Print ads. Digital ads could never have that same command over a consumer. Humans are visually driven and what better way to inform/ captivate your audience through a well laid-out, beautiful, easy to read - print Ad."
- Jean

"Print is choice. Children taught me this when I was teaching and focused on building a community of life long readers. It was essential for them to have a wide range of classroom and library books available in order for them to be able to choose a text meaningful for their interests and lives. No different for adults- choice in print matters for personalization, motivation and focus on what matters to the individual."
- Deborah

"I love magazines. Reading them & passing them on. If I haven't passed them on, it's because I've cut them to shreds making collages and vision boards which are fun to look back on and tell a story of all the stages I've gone though."
- Michelle, Hello! Canada reader

"I like the tactile thing about something in my hand that I can put down, pick up and don't have to search for my spot. It's part of my history. My dad and grandfather both worked at the Guelph newspaper many years ago Its just comfortable to me to hold a printed thing."
- Laura, SJC Associate

"I enjoy the many voices represented in the print magazine, and reading reader responses. Over time the shared engagement with articles brings the community together in a unique way. It contributes to building a better Canada!"
- Melanie, Maclean's reader

"The written word is more powerful."
- Helen B., Hello! Canada Reader

"Knowing that hard work went into each print story makes it credible."
- Clare, Today's Parent reader

"I love magazines. I am a bit of a luddite. I have never been able to move everything online. I love the feeling of the magazine in my hands, the bright pictures and smart layouts. I read the whole magazine through and then leave it laying around. I flip through and read again. Then after a few months I use my scissors and cut out pictures that speak to me and put them in my journal. This is dreaming. This is holding something you hope you have in the future. This is manifesting."
- Laurie, FASHION reader

"Print is a way to use shapes, number and letters in order to educate, entertain and communicate with the reader. Since man began using cave drawings and stepping stones to print his messages we have relied on print - for our currency, for instructions and to remain connected in countless ways. When working as an editor, my boss always used the phrase for your edification and that word has always stuck with me as its meaning truly embodies what print is meant to do."
- Margo, Toronto Life reader

"Educate. When I read print articles, I learn. I learn about the person, the idea and different views on the world."
- Aileen, SJC Client

"I’m more focused and interested when I read something in print form. I feel more relaxed reading print than reading something virtual/digital."
- Sara, Chatelaine reader

"Reading print, no matter what it is, empowers me with knowledge!"
- Paola, Toronto Life reader

"When I see a glossy new magazine or interesting looking book, I feel a bit like I am contemplating a delicious slice of dessert;. I can barely wait to dig in! Digital media just cannot replicate this experience."
- Sandra, Hello! Canada reader

"NOUN: the quality of having or showing great knowledge or learning; scholarship. While growing up in a small northern city in Ontario, I spent much of my time pouring over books in one of my favourite places, the public library. The love of learning was very much associated with my love of reading anything that came in print. One of the finer qualities that my husband has is the fact that he also loves to read. That was not the most poignant reason I married him, but it helped!"
- Sonia, Hello! Canada reader

"Print magazines offer a distraction-free experience. As a busy working mom, I can escape with feature-length stories in the bath, or quickly flip through the bite-sized content up front when I can steal a moment to myself. The world quiets down and I can immerse myself in stories, ideas, entertainment and information that help me create a better life and a better world."
- Nadine, SJC Associate

"There's something everlasting about print. Unlike things that go online, it can never be altered or taken back. When we put something in print we stand behind it for the long haul."
- Simone, SJC Associate

"When I pick up a magazine, I'm granting myself freedom - even if somedays that freedom lasts five minutes. I'm choosing me time: freeing myself from the constraints of time, demands of work, needs of children. It's just me and the anticipation of inspiration - Immersing myself in colour and revelry. Challenging myself with new ideas and perspectives. When reading a magazine, I'm free from my mundane. My fingers are free to enjoy the feel of light, crisp pages. My mind is free to explore places, people, possibilities. Magazines remind me of vacations past and vacations yet planned. Freedom in silence."
- Lisa, Chatelaine reader

"When I pick up a magazine, I'm granting myself freedom - even if somedays that freedom lasts five minutes. I'm choosing me time: freeing myself from the constraints of time, demands of work, needs of children. It's just me and the anticipation of inspiration - Immersing myself in colour and revelry. Challenging myself with new ideas and perspectives. When reading a magazine, I'm free from my mundane. My fingers are free to enjoy the feel of light, crisp pages. My mind is free to explore places, people, possibilities. Magazines remind me of vacations past and vacations yet planned. Freedom in silence."
- Lisa, Chatelaine reader

- Shirley, Chatelaine reader


"Printing is fun. Because printing is the final step that lets you show all the creative creativity ,blood, sweat and energy that is put into a project. There is such a relief feeling of what you have accomplished."
- Cherie, Toronto Life reader

"It is content which is tangible, you can hold it, you can transport it, you can share it. There are no interruptions, no click-bait headlines, no tracking pixels."
- Sarah, SJC Client

"Print is saveable. It’s a record of our history. It’s a clipping in a pocket or a scrapbook, a framed page on the wall. It’s the Past, and it’s Now."
- Louise, Maclean's reader

"It’s where the heart is, right? And my heart lives where there’s comfort, familiarity and welcome. That’s print."
- Kerry, SJC Associate

"Reading expands our imagination, taking us places we can only get to in our mind."
- Lynn, SJC Associate

"Print has a physical connection that digital does not capture, creating a lasting impression. Like a a sliver of time, print holds content beautifully for the viewer. Print's more permanent state, varying materials and inks gives another layer of meaning digital never could. Print is also made and kept with pride, used to display and hold memories and expected to last for a while. The value of print will always be strong with the impact it makes on us all."
- Amanda, SJC Associate

"Indelible fits 'print' in several ways; Literally in its physical form, but also in the way print connects the viewer to content through a tactile state other forms of media cannot."
- Mark, SJC Associate

"My idea of relaxation is sitting down and cracking open a new magazine, book or newspaper. Buying anything in print is an indulgence and treat for me."
- Jane, Maclean's reader

"What you read may change your mind about a concern, issue or idea."
- Judy, SJC Associate

"It is content which is tangible, you can hold it, you can transport it, you can share it. There are no interruptions, no click-bait headlines, no tracking pixels."
- K., Maclean's reader

"whatever the magazines you have listed in your ad, whatever word, article, advertisement, or indeed, the whole magazine, wherever your eyes take you, insight is gained."
- Melissa, Hello! Canada reader

"Whether it's a home design trend or an interesting new recipe there's no better way to consider translating something new to my life than through a magazine article. Whether a garden layout or local wines to try, pouring over a Saturday newspaper is the best start to the weekend. And whether a long profile of fascinating Canadian or short stories about my friends and neighbours, flipping through them on the porch with pages between my fingers is far better than trying to connect on a screen. All in all, I learn things in print that I can translate to my day-to-day life that makes it more interesting, fun and exciting."
- Megan, Toronto Life reader

"I rely on my subscription print media for truthful and well sourced Information."
- Heidi, Toronto Life reader


"Nothing beats the print version of a book or a magazine - the smell of the ink and paper as you crack it open and breathe it in is a reminder that we are alive and well. Turing on a kindle or tablet is not the same - print is the connection to our past and should be our future as well."
- Shirley, Hello! Canada reader

"love of reading from early childhood"
- Ann, Maclean's reader

"We learn and communicate Knowledge from print"
- Mani, SJC Associate

"Print never gets old. It never dies. Despite the fact that we live in a digital world - print will always be legendary."
- Maria, SJC Associate

"Printed items are a way to keep memories of things like books or art. You can print original art and have a copy or communications or history. Without the printed word on paper - so much is lost. If you can't access digital you loose it."
- Michele, SJC client

"Can't imagine a world without print. Although words in print can divide us or keep us together, the concept of print rises above it all."
- Sarah

"As we entered the second year of the pandemic, I felt I was drowning with no clear end in sight. I began to doubt my purpose and felt a growing fear and despair about our world being an unsafe place. We do not yet know the extent of the impact of this on humans worldwide. Are we listening? As an aging adult in her seventh decade with a long career in social work and education, I do know that listening with care and understanding is essential when teaching, questioning, communicating, guiding, and challenging yourself and others to act and react from a position of strength and resilience. This begins with listening to oneself with compassion, empathy and knowledge. Using all the senses, create as many ways as possible to listen to your body, mind, heart and soul. A daily practice of listening by all people will ensure that our thoughts and feelings will serve us not control us."
- Susan, Maclean's reader

"Print is truly Magical. You cannot erase Print from Paper, like you can from a cell phone or tablet. All you have to do is pick up that book, magazine or picture and it is all there just like before never to be erased. Just as it was, just as it is."
- Shirley, Toronto Life reader


"I have been doing this for a long time so print has become part of ME."
- Ken, SJC Associate

"Looking back at all the things that have happened, articles or photography in some of the top magazines are engrained in my mind as good or bad memories."
- Cheryl, SJC Associate

"As being older i like to keep up with my friends in town so i do not miss a person who past..."
- Gaye, Hello! Canada reader

"From the content, to how and where you read, Print is personal. Content that resonates with your personal interests. Reading it by yourself in welcomed silence. And wherever and whenever you want (bonus: no wifi required)."
- Julie, SJC Client

"The written word has always been a point of view and a way of relaying information/thoughts/ideas. It's subjective to both the author and the reader - one of the many wonderful ways print can enlighten and entertain (the double p's is a cool alliteration too)."
- Peter, SJC Associate

"Print has been the basis of most of my learning throughout my life and I've learned so much from books and magazines. Dreaming of possibilities has been inspired by Print as well - remember the possibilities of the Sears Wish Book or the Eaton's catalogue? Magazines have inspired me to cook and try new things. And the LCBO magazine has educated me on wine, beers, and spirits. And books take us to another world through stories. So many possibilities because of Print! "
- Elaine, SJC Associate

"Power underlies all the functions of print.It can inspire change in a person's life; share an experience; cultivate hope, creativity and empathy; encourage conversation; educate; freeze time and sharpen memories; reflect reality; speak as an authority; tell a story and change minds."
- Andrew, Chatelaine reader

"Print is powerful. Having something visual you are able to; read over, save for later, share with others physically, frame it like art where you can view documented accomplishments."
- Sabrina, SJC Associate

"When something is printed it becomes a physical representation of the moment it came into existence. Even when the printed word becomes dated and we look at it as 'past', it still exists as a snapshot of its own internal present, still holding all its own temporal context."
- Melissa, Quill & Quire reader

"Print is REAL because one can touch it, see it, absorb oneself in it. One can dive deep into the meaning of the printed words. One can meditate on the Word printed on the page of the book that one is reading. It's beautiful to see the REALity revealed in the printed words."
- Susan M., SJC Associate

"Print is Real - it can be felt through touch, is more intimate with you and your surroundings and is definitely an escape from the virtual world we all tend to live in. Reality is underrated."
- Rahul, SJC Associate

"My favorite thing to do is to relax with a magazine or book."
- Theresa, FASHION reader

"Reading during COVID isolation has helped me stay emotionally healthy. Getting into a good book or short article while curled up on the couch was a true blessing."
- Marilyn, Maclean's reader

"Seeing is imaging what is written, what they are thinking, feeling, touching, or all context anyone can see within what is written. Seeing is so different to each other and it's fun to see what each one see's within the written page."
- Ken, Hello! Canada reader

"When I put my hands on a print product, be it book or magazine, I enter a space all my own. Nothing can reach me, I can go wherever I want, I can focus on that one thing."
- Megan

"A vibrant graphic display of information that captures & communicates news, stories , and images that is visually pleasing to the naked eye."
- Anna, Toronto Life reader

"It means getting lost in the author's world whether fiction or non-fiction."
- Mike, SJC associate

"Reading, print, takes you to so many places."
- Sharon, Hello! Canada reader

"Made up word that conveys how nice it feels to hold print in my hands... :)"
- Jan, Hello! Canada reader

"Print equals reading, and reading is always better when it is tangible. I prefer to feel the book, magazine or newspaper and flip the pages back and forth and read the cover pages."
- Tara, Toronto Life reader

"It's part of my physical space. Whether I'm reading it or displaying it on my coffee table."
- Iona, SJC associate

"Print is perfectly tangible. It's real. Something you can feel between your hands, see with your eyes and feel in your emotions when you read those words."
- Lina, SJC associate

"Digital can be a lot of things, but despite that fact that the Internet seems to go on forever, publications online always feel a bit ephemeral. The tangibility of print lends to its authenticity, its trustworthiness, but also helps to create an experience of reading. This tangibility lends itself to focus and attention, and ultimately becomes special, even a cherished memory or prized possession."
- Jessica

"You can feel, touch and smell the paper and ink. Its has texture, you can tear it, throw it out and burn it. Its comes in all shapes and sizes with die and laser cuts if need be. It's there in front of you a Real thing. Tactile, Palpable... Not a virtual experience. Try doing that with your iPad."
- Viv

"Not always true, can be challenging, read between the lines"
- Joyce, Toronto Life reader

"Print has always been there in the past and it will always be there in the future. You don't have to scroll or search for it - it's permanent. Words in print are timeless."
- Lois, Hello! Canada reader

"When going through my grandparents house when they moved out we found clippings from historical events preserved over time. Yes you can look up the moonlanding and Tianeman Square(sic) on Google but these clippings were there right after, like a time capsule."
- Jenn, SJC client

" When I see the printed word I see a window through which I may be transported to other worlds, new thoughts, marvelous experiences."
- SuzAnne

"Too much fake news swirling around us. People need to know where the truth lies."
- Stu, Toronto Life reader

"Or undeletable. In our current climate of cancel culture and disappearing truth, it's relieving to hold the record in your hand."
- Diana, Chatelaine reader

"Absolutely necessary or important; essential. Essential indispensable crucial key necessary needed"
- Helen, Quill & Quire reader

"Print allows people to have their voice heard to audiences they couldn't reach by just sound. Print allows people to share their unique story anonymously or project the voice of those already well known. "
- Lauren

"Humanity has been able to communicate throughout history. At any given time satellites could go down and that would be the end of social media, the world wide web, electricity etc. Humans will always write or draw as a means to communicate."
- Luis, SJC Associate