Longo's Experience Magazine

Longo's Experience Magazine
Longo's Experience Magazine

Longo's partnered with SJC to match the visually stunning content of its Experience magazine with high-quality printing for a tactile, memorable brand impression.


Longo’s wanted to effectively engage with their in-store customers through a tactile, immersive and takeaway medium. With compelling content and beautiful photography to showcase its private label products and farm-fresh offerings, it was important that the physical attributes of the piece were equally compelling. 


Longo’s partnered with SJC to print its quarterly-produced magazine, Experience. This beautifully designed publication was strategically positioned as a multi-channel component of Longo’s marketing mix, recognizing the importance of tangible print in complementing their digital efforts.

The magazine features visually stunning imagery and compelling content, including food-centered storylines, in-depth guides on in-season fruits and vegetables, and locally inspired recipes. SJC ensured the highest quality printing, employing techniques that enhanced the visual appeal and tactile experience of the magazine.


Longo’s established a deeper, more memorable connection with its customers, inspiring them with recipes while promoting their private label products. As a take-home piece, the magazine serves as a lasting, highly anticipated reminder of the Longo’s brand.


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