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Home Hardware's partnership with SJC revitalized its digital presence through an SEO-optimized, research backed content strategy.


In 2022, Home Hardware needed a revitalization of its digital Here's How Hub. With over 1,000 pieces of content, the platform grappled with outdated information, duplicate content and suboptimal SEO performance.


SJC conducted a full audit of the Here's How Hub. We identified top-performing content, out-of-date content, duplicate content and content in need of SEO meta descriptions and other updates. Using that data, we prepared a content strategy outlining how the Hub could evolve to meet the needs of the retailer and consumers. Home Hardware then commissioned SJC to put those recommendations into action. We embarked on a wholesale redesign project that married content strategy with the latest UX and web design best practices for an all-new Here’s How Hub that's user-friendly, inspiring and informative.

The Hub is also home to dozens of SEO-friendly Buying Guides, which SJC has been producing since 2021. These thoroughly researched and in-depth resources are designed to equip consumers with all the information they need to make important purchase decisions on big-ticket items.


The revamped Here's How Hub is ushering Home Hardware into a new era of digital engagement and ecommerce. The Hub and Buying Guides have become a cornerstone of Home Hardware's content strategy, driving organic traffic and establishing Home Hardware as a trusted source of expert advice in the Canadian home improvement space.


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