Canadian Western Bank Podcast

Canadian Western Bank Podcast
Canadian Western Bank Podcast

We created a podcast for Canadian Western Bank (CWB) to grow awareness and consideration among business owners and decision-makers in various sectors.


In the competitive arena of business banking, Canadian Western Bank (CWB) wanted to do more than simply advertise to business owners and decision-makers; they wanted to build awareness and consideration through thought leadership and by fostering deeper connections with their target audiences.

With a portfolio dominated by Western Canadian-based entities, they also wanted to extend their reach and showcase their vast experience in universal business challenges such as succession planning and cash flow management to business owners in other parts of Canada.


Working with SJC’s custom content team, CWB launched the "Growth Decoder" podcast—a compelling series tailored for business owners and decision-makers. 

As Media in Canada reported earlier this year, podcasts are booming in Canada and audiences are only getting bigger. A recent Reuters survey of 93,000 online news consumers in 46 markets, including Canada, the U.S. and Australia, found that around one-third (34%) listen to a podcast on a monthly basis, and 29% said they spend more time listening to podcasts than other traditional media.

Hosted by international TEDx speaker and author Mahfuz Chowdry, the podcast delves into the pivotal moments entrepreneurs face and explores how they navigate challenges to achieve success. 

The episodes feature companies at different stages of growth, offering valuable insights into topics such as managing rapid expansion, dealing with increased demand, employees, customers and transitioning leadership to a new era.

SJC oversaw podcast ideation, production and post-production as well as the creation of social drivers including audiograms. These snippets served as teasers, enticing the audience to explore the full episodes. Thematic short-form companion videos were also created for YouTube Shorts, featuring engaging graphics and providing tangible takeaways for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses. 

The podcast serves as an additional gateway to boost CWB website visits, ensuring a robust digital touchpoint for potential clients.


Growth Decoder proved to be more than just a marketing campaign—it’s a powerful, evergreen, always-on and SEO-friendly content franchise. By showcasing real stories of business challenges and triumphs, CWB positioned itself not just as a financial institution but as a partner invested in the success of its clients. 

“Growth Decoder is an important content product for CWB because it has helped us produce audio, video and written stories at scale for a very specific audience: small and medium-sized business owners. SJC has been a helpful strategic partner, providing expert recommendations on strategy, production and post-production throughout the process.”

-Marcus Miller, Senior Manager, External Communications, CWB.

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