Performance Marketing

Introduce new data-driven funnels to amplify your campaigns and gain qualified leads.

Drive your next campaign with data-driven decisions.

What We Offer

In 2022, SJC acquired Assembly Digital, a digital publishing tech company recognized with Best Audience Insights at the 2020 Digiday Media Awards. Assembly owns proprietary technology that analyzes and optimizes how publishing brands connect their content with readers and advertisers. How does this serve you? Our media brands including Maclean’s, Chatelaine and Toronto Life create high-value content that funnels high-intent readers into action. Layering in Assembly Digital's performance media buying, conversion rate optimization and digital expertise allows us to target and convert these readers to match your goals and objectives.

Programmatic (Output)

Our ad operations infrastructure that implements cutting-edge bidding technology to connect publishing brands to thousands of advertisers.

Real-Time Reader Insights (Statera)

Collects and analyzes billions of data points to automate ad placement based on real-time reader behaviour—which means more relevant content for readers and more revenue for advertisers.

Content Management System (PlatformIO)

Stores and delivers content to our readers wherever they are, however they consume it—and fast. It bridges the gap between a traditional CMS and the cloud’s lightning speed, so it can seamlessly handle millions of visitors every day (and millions more as we scale).

Split-Testing (Proof)

Our seamless A/B testing technology for higher-performing content leverages data insights so we can split test two or more variants and learn which makes readers happier (and advertisers more money).


proprietary tech products


data points analyzed by our Assembly Digital each month

A Performance Mindset

Focusing on results-driven digital marketing and advertising provides many benefits including accurate campaign measurement, precise targeting of audience based on demographic, interests and behaviours, cost-efficiency (only pay for a successful action like a click or download) and the flexibility of continuously optimizing based on real-time data.


Sobeys x <i>Chatelaine</i>

Performance Marketing

Combining <i>Chatelaine's</i> editorial authority with our audience targeting expertise, the Shop Well, Eat Smart campaign over-delivered on the goal of high-quality email leads at scale.