Creative & Production

Fulfill your complete range of marketing needs all under one roof.

Fulfill your complete range of marketing needs all under one roof.

What We Offer

We provide end-to-end creative, production and post-production services for your launches, marketing programs and seasonal campaigns. We can start from scratch or enhance your existing assets. With specialized studio spaces, such as kitchens and automotive settings, we have the ideal environment for your projects. Our teams are equipped to travel worldwide to capture the perfect ambiance for your photography and video needs. We also leverage virtual production to offer even greater flexibility in bringing your vision to life.

Virtual Production

Blending real-world settings with computer-generated elements, delivering cost-efficient, immersive campaigns with low carbon footprints.

Immersive Retail

Elevating the shopping experience through augmented and virtual reality, allowing clients to engage customers in interactive, lifelike product demonstrations and shopping experiences

Global Connections

Bringing our talent, expertise, technology and equipment to the perfectly scoped setting for a particular campaign.

Virtual Shopping

Redefining retail with personalized, interactive virtual stores, empowering clients to showcase products 24/7, provide personalized recommendations, and enhance customer engagement for increased conversions.

3D Animation

Unlocking creative storytelling potential with visually stunning, realistic animations that captivate audiences.


square feet of specialized studio spaces in Toronto

Virtual Production

What if instead of taking your product to the environment, we brought the environment to your product? The not-so-new gaming technology used in filmmaking and television production has opened up for the commercial world. A library of 3D assets help create new, immersive experiences for audience while improving efficiencies and reducing carbon footprints for brands. No need for airports, weather days or location permits – and the lighting is perfect, all day long.


CIBC SQUARE Flagship Banking Centre

Retail & Content Strategy
Creative & Production

Through digital signage zones and custom content playlists for each, we helped CIBC to effectively inspire, inform, and coach employees, clients, and the public at its now flagship banking centre in downtown Toronto.