Take Canadian news into your own hands

Take Canadian news into your own hands

Here’s how to access SJC Media news content in the wake of Bill C-18.

Here’s how to access SJC Media news content in the wake of Bill C-18.

August 17, 2023

The Online News Act (Bill C-18) was passed by the federal government in June and is set to take effect late this year. The legislation requires tech companies to compensate media organizations for hosting Canadian news content on their platforms. In response, Meta has started blocking Canadian news content, including from two of our brands, Maclean’s and Toronto Life. Google is also planning to possibly follow Meta’s lead by blocking Canadian news content when the Act comes into effect.

Our teams are devoted to providing Canadians with trusted, quality journalism on the stories that matter. To stay informed and inspired, here are some of the ways to access our content, directly.


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As we face a pivotal moment for the Canadian media industry, we want to ensure that the stories we write for you continue to be seen—by you. Commit to remaining informed and inspired through journalism with a unique Canadian lens through one of the many ways above.

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