Print flyers for IKEA

IKEA Canada is a leading home furnishing retailer with 14 stores, an eCommerce virtual store, 4 Distribution Centres and 31 Collection Points nationwide. Last year, IKEA Canada welcomed 22.9 million visitors to its stores and 178.4 million visitors to the website.

With a partnership spanning over 14 years, SJC prints IKEA flyers which are distributed to millions of homes across Canada multiple times annually; packed with inspiration, ideas, and affordable home furnishing solutions for a better everyday life at home. SJC also prints various other guides, coupons and other pieces for IKEA.

Ikea A better world starts at home

INCITE magazine for Canada Post

INCITE is Canada Post’s quarterly magazine providing marketing ideas for inciting action. 

SJC Print partnered with INCITE for its first issue of 2021, “The Year Ahead.”  WIth sustainability as a main theme of the issue and a priority for Canada Post, SJC Print worked with Canada Post to produce an environmentally responsible piece.

The cover features a blind emboss printed on Astrolite PC 100® 100lb cover (100 per cent post-consumer waste recycled paper) with text pages printed on Lynx Opaque ® 80 lb text (30 per cent post-consumer recycled content ). Both papers are FSC® certified, processed chlorine free, are ancient-forest friendly and made 100 per cent Carbon Neutral. The estimated savings between these papers versus 100 per cent virgin fibre paper is 2,100 fewer gallons of water and 4.2 tons less wood fibre* and a net reduction in CO2 greenhouse gas emissions of 53,900 lbs of CO2 – the equivalent of 5.3 passenger vehicles driven in one year or 2,751 gallons of gasoline.** 

Through our Partners in Growth tree-planting program, SJC is contributing to the planting of a tree through GrandTrees on behalf of every ton of paper used for the printing of the magazine. 

You can sign up to have INCITE mailed to your home (for free) and access the digital content here

*The CO2 emission impact calculation was made using the Environmental Paper Network (EPN Paper Calculator.

** The CO2 equivalency impact was made using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. 

Telus communicates with customers year-round

The TELUS calendar is a popular printed piece. Each year, TELUS makes a limited quantity available to its customers via its website and in select TELUS Retail stores and Authorized Dealers. (It didn’t take long for the 2021 calendar to be out of stock.)

Over the years, SJC Print has worked closely with TELUS to provide a range of printed products and associated services, including letters, postcards, brochures, circulars and annual reports, envelopes, promotional inserts, posters – and the ever-popular calendar.