Brand reinvention for E.D. Smith

For over 135 years, E.D. Smith has been producing jams, spreads, pie fillings and dressings for generations of Canadians. As more competitors joined its crowded retail segment, the company engaged us for a brand reinvention.

To impart a picked-at-its-peak feel, the photo-realistic style captures the freshness of the fruit and alludes to the idea that the product is packed with deliciousness. Its simplified word mark proudly displays the year the company started, symbolizing a long tradition of quality and supporting the promise of real goodness in every jar.

The new look was an instant success as sales of the redesigned brand surpassed expectations.

A simulated paper bag for Red Prince Apples

Blue Mountain Fruit Company (formerly Binkley Apples) trusted us to broaden the market for its unique Red Prince apples. Exclusively grown in Thornbury, Ontario, Red Prince apples are cellared from harvest until the new year to enrich their taste and texture, and only sold from winter until summer.

The core of the solution was to create a simulated paper bag with a from-the-farm, artisanal feel. Along with the ‘Taste At Its Peak’ brand positioning, the apple’s characteristics and mouthfeel call-outs provided a complete taste profile. The bold Red Prince logo, retro-cool apple image and ‘sustainably grown in Canada’ message contributed to the product’s appeal, resulting in the full harvest selling through in weeks and increasing market share for the client.

SJC’s Red Prince Apple packaging reaped the rewards: Gold and Best of Show at the 2015 PAC Canadian Leadership Awards, a 2015 Canadian Packaging Consumer’s Voice Award and the 2015 Applied Arts Magazine Design And Craft Award.

Redesigned packaging for Canadian Tire’s Noma Advanced™

The NOMA Advanced™ line of Christmas lights is one of Canadian Tire’s premium brands. Recognizing the category was dated, Canadian Tire looked to us to help reinvigorate the brand.

To bring the brand forward, we updated all the trimmings: enlarged and enhanced the chevron word mark, modernized the photography with a lifestyle feel, and placed key customer information (warranty, product lifespan, bulb type, etc.) front and centre to help aid the consumer shop the busy aisle.

Our redesign was a success, earning a Silver Award at the 2019 Vertex International Private Brand Design Competition.

New package design for Metro’s Irresistibles Naturalia

Free of colouring, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavours and sugars, Metro’s Naturalia line spans multiple food categories. Containing only simple, understandable ingredients, each product clearly lists its healthy benefits. And because customers are looking for clean ingredients and transparency, the brand also states any additives it does not include. Our final design architecture with its enticing photography and warm, textured look, are a natural fit for this brand.

In addition to winning the 2019 PAC Global Leadership award (new Brand, Food & Beverage), it received a mark of excellence from the 2019 Vertex Award in the New Brand, Food & Beverage category.

Metro’s Irresistibles Gelato

To introduce Metro’s Irresistibles Gelato line, we positioned the product as a real Italian-style gelato featuring sophisticated flavours and a velvety texture. We emphasized the product’s authenticity and taste to support the brand’s position as a purveyor of premium quality food at an attractive price.

We used mouthwatering overhead photography featuring the product’s ingredients along with a spoonful of the delicious gelato slightly melted to appear enticing. Matching the handwritten menu boards of a gelateria, the font for the flavour naming has a crafted, distressed appearance.

Now that’s amore! And the product line was shown some love as it won an International 2016 Vertex III Bronze Award in the Frozen Food category.