Mitsubishi embraces AR to drive the customer experience

Potential new buyers of Mitsubishi’s SUV-sized plug-in hybrid electric, the 2018 Outlander PHEV, will benefit from an immersive, real-time augmented reality (AR) experience. Our Content Group created an object-based AR tool that overlays visual animation onto the actual vehicle to engage and educate visitors to Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada’s showroom floors.

“Up until now, the sales person had to verbally explain to the customer how the system works, and for somebody who is maybe not as knowledgeable about technological things, it may be difficult to grasp the explanation,” said Don Ulmer, senior manager, product planning for Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada. “The consumer can now actually see a kind of virtual reality of what’s going on with the vehicle, giving them a better understanding.”

Here’s a look at the AR experience, which activates once a Mitsubishi Motors dealer staff hovers their tablet over a visible start position, such as a wheel, which locks it into place. The viewer can then “walk around” the vehicle from different positions through hyper-accurate tracking and registration coding techniques created by SJC’s interactive design and development team.


Mitsubishi Outlander augmented reality


While there are increasing examples of image-based, consumer-driven apps, this AR experience is a unique solution in the Canadian auto industry that delivers business needs while leveraging content and technology that resonates with today’s millennial consumer.  It will hit showroom floors across Canada soon.

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